2017 Half Way Up Date

We have made it to the half way point of the year and I thought I would do a little update of where I’m at book number wise. I’m keep track of more things than I ever have before. I really want to grow as a person and reader, in order to do that means expanding my comfort zones. So in order to know what I need more of I decided to keep track of everything. I use a mix of paper list, goodreads shelves, and excel spreadsheets to keep track of everything.


45 books /100 goodreads goal

Total of 10,564 pages

DNF total is 9

Read Harder Challenge 5/23

Rory Gilmore Challenge 1/8

Pop Sugar Challenge 13/52

59 Fandom Challenge 11/52

24 of my books have been a part of a series; 21 of them have been standalones

12 have been graphic novels, 42 books are fiction, 3 have been nonfiction

0 are re-reads and 1 book has been poetry.

I have added 151 books to my tbr .

12 books are diverse reads and all 45 books have been library books.

I feel like I’m having a good reading year so far. I definitely was hoping to be a little farther with everything but life happens and slumps happen.

Do you catalog your books? Do you keep bookish stats ? If so let me know your methods and progress.




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