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Mini Review: Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios

29102896Goodreads Synopsis: Grace wants out. Out of her house, where her stepfather wields fear like a weapon and her mother makes her scrub imaginary dirt off the floors. Out of her California town, too small to contain her big city dreams. Out of her life, and into the role of Parisian artist, New York director—anything but scared and alone. Enter Gavin: charming, talented, adored. Controlling. Dangerous. When Grace and Gavin fall in love, Grace is sure it’s too good to be true. She has no idea their relationship will become a prison she’s unable to escape.

Deeply affecting and unflinchingly honest, this is a story about spiraling into darkness—and emerging into the light again.

Release date: June 13, 2017


Holy crap. This book. Everyone should read this book. It’s deep and heartbreaking. Grace, god I love Grace. She’s so relatable. I am on the verge of crying right now because of everything this poor girl went through. Also her friends are the literal best friends a girl could ever hope to have. And I have come to realize I really need more books were there is a love of theater, musicals, and art. If you haven’t read this yet by some chance please check it out, buy it, borrow it, whatever you do and read it. It is important. I am seriously becoming speechless at the amazingness of this story. There is a certain someone I totally love but I will not say because I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone.

This is real life for a lot of people and I just want them to know that you are not alone and you can find help. I know that is not as easy as it sounds…

Seriously though go read this book.

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