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saturday well-spent

Good morning and happy Monday. I am barely awake right now at work thankfully I have an hour and a half left before I can go home to bed. Overnights is literally the worst shift ever. This blog post is me trying to stay awake so I apologize know if there is babbling.

Goodreads Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners. All you have to do is highlight one book on your every growing TBR.

This week I have chosen Spellbook of the Lost and Found by Moira Fowley-Doyle. I am so ready for this. Here’s why 1) there’s a red head on the cover. I will always want literally everything that involves my fellow gingers. 2) It takes place is Ireland, I have not gone there but I have longed for that my entire life. 3) Magic realism 4) LGBT rep.

So rest assured this book is coming to my house very soon (THANKS LIBRARY).


Goodreads Synopsis: If you’re not careful, you can spend your whole life looking for what you’ve lost.

One stormy summer in a small Irish town, things begin to disappear. It starts with trivial stuff—hair clips, house keys, socks—but soon it escalates to bigger things: a memory, a heart, a classmate.

Olive can tell that her best friend, Rose, is different all of a sudden. Rose isn’t talking, and Olive starts to worry she’s losing her. Then diary pages written by someone named Laurel begin to appear all over town. And Olive meets three mysterious strangers: Ivy, Hazel, and her twin brother, Rowan, secretly squatting in an abandoned housing development. The trio are wild and alluring, but they seem lost too—and like Rose, they’re holding tightly to painful secrets.

When a tattered handwritten spellbook falls into the lives of these six teenagers, it changes everything. The spellbook is full of charms to conjure back that which has been lost, and it lists a part for each of them to play in the calling. It might be their best chance to set everything back to rights, but only if they’re willing to pay the price.

What are some of your favorite magical realism books?

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