My 8 year old Bookworm

Today is my oldest daughters birthday, she’s 8 and making me feel old. This is Mallorie. She’s smart, funny, adventures, kind, helpful, and growing to independent for my own liking. At this rate she’s gonna stop wanting my help before I’m 30. ( I hope not because that’s in 2 years)


(Yep, that’s Princess Jasmine reading Captain Underpants) I made a post on facebook about how much she reads and I thought I would share it with you guys because you can relate. She’s a lot like me and by that I mean our tbr’s are the same size. She has a stack of books we own that she hasn’t read yet and about 40 books checked out from the library at the moment.

About the middle of last year we actually started keeping track of her reading and I made her a goodreads page. Going back with a 7 year old trying to remember what books she’s actually read was not easy so I’m sure there’s a lot we are missing. She set her reading goal last year at 100 and totally crushed it. This year I convinced her to try a bigger number and she set it too 500 (her first response was 100,000). She is currently at 387 and we still have 4 entire months to get through.


Anyways, I just wanted to brag a little and talk about one of my kids on her birthday. I should have thought of this sooner since the days almost over. I hope she never grows out of her love of learning and reading. She’s going to do great things one day.


❤ Lorryn

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