Clear A Shelf TBR

If you don’t know what Clear A Shelf is, it’s this totally fun chill challenge hosted by Booked Up & Bossy (all the info is in her blog post. check it out) . It’s pretty much run through her twitter and it’s just a bunch of us supporting each other trying to clear off an entire tbr shelf (digital or physical) in a month. If you have a twitter check out the hashtag #clearashelf for more information too.


This is the first time I’ll have a blog to post my tbr too. I usually just make a goodreads shelf dedicated to it and more times than not it’s whatever I have checked out from the library.

These are my main focus. I just want to try and finish as many as I can. 14 is a lot since lately I’m lucky if I finish 3 or 4 so we’ll see.








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