December Wrap Up


As much as I want to finish another book before the year is over I think I’m gonna call it and just be done. So here is my December Wrap or as I like to call it the month I signed for challenges and didn’t do any of them.

Challenge Wrap UPs

A Very Merry Readathon: I managed to read 206 pages but only 12 counted towards the readathon, I finished 0 books. You can find my original post here.

12 days of Cozmas: I only read 210 pages and finished 0 books. My original post is here.

Current reads readathon: I actually managed to finish some books! I finished Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus 1, The Punisher, and The Death of Ivan Illych. You can see my original post here.

Readers Crossing Challenge: I finished 3 books for this challenge. The Punisher Born, The Death of Ivan Ilych, and Ms Marvel Vol 4. (These were all very short but hey reading is reading right!) My sign up post with more info is here.

Winter Bingo Update: Since this challenge is still going on I still have hope you finish more. So far I’ve finished 5 bingo spaces. You can find my original post here that has all the info in case you want to sign up too!

Light Blue Cover- Death of Ivan Ilych

Spinoff- Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus One

Free- Death Coming Up the Hill

Friends Fave- Ageless Body Timeless Mind

Villainous Punisher Born

Holiday Adventureathon: Here’s my original post. I managed to finish one book and finish two challenges. Read a book with a red cover and read by candlelight, and for those, I read The Hundredth Queen.

Now for the rest of books I read. I read 10 books and DNF 1. Most of the books I read were comics. I’ve had kind of a funky month in book terms and life so this is good.

My DNF book was


I hope everyone had a great December and here’s too a great New Year.


3 thoughts on “December Wrap Up

  1. So you are a Buffy fan💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 Would you be interested in rewatching the series with me through out 2018?? I believe that we can come with a lot of creative blogposts that are based on the series.

    Anyways, Happy New Year!!

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