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January Wrap Up


Finally, January is over. It always feels the absolute longest. 2018 is already looking up and I’m getting a head start on my book goals. This month I’m really hoping to focus on my library books instead of letting them sit there and be returned before I even read them. I did manage to read 15 books last month so it wasn’t a bad month.

These are the books I finished in January!

I also read these children’s books.

There is one month left of Bookish Winter Bingo. Here’s my current bingo card.


I’ve started off Beat the Back List good I think. I added a total of 43 reviews and 12 books. I had a lot of back reviews to post to Amazon.

I am also joining in on Page Trackers Challenge. This is a year-long challenge that counts the number of pages you read instead of the number of books. In January my total was 3,211 pages. The longest book: The Walking Dead Compendium 2: 1,068 pages and the shortest book: We’re All Wonders: 32.

There is the A to Z Reading Challenge going on as well. Currently, I have 4 letters down. Only 22 more to go.

As far as the Witches & Witchcraft Challenge goes I haven’t read any witchy books yet. ( I know, I’m sad about it too.) I’m going to try and finish The Witch Hunter soon.

Hopefully, I’m not forgetting any challenges I’ve got going on. How was your January?


5 thoughts on “January Wrap Up

  1. The books you read this month look lovely! I especially enjoyed They Both Die at the End (SO GOOOD!) Cruel Prince is also a pretty popular one. I also want to read Meet Cute though, because everything about it sounds adorable. January was pretty long for me too – hopefully February passes quickly!

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