The Longest Book Tag


I found this tag through The Book Dutchesses. They have a great blog and this looked like fun so I thought why not see what I’ve got going on with big books. This is going to be based on my Goodreads shelves and not my physical shelves. There’s more variety on my Goodreads and I honestly haven’t read that many of my owned books.

To do this tag you have to:

  • Show the five biggest books on your shelves that you have read and tell a bit about them.
  • Show the two biggest books on your TBR and explain what your expectations are.
  • Last but not least, tag a few bloggers to do this tag!


1. The Walking Dead Compendium 1 by Robert Kirkman- 1,088 pages. This is a collection of the first 48 issues of the comic series. If you’re a fan of the tv show, you might enjoy it but there are loads of differences so you might not. I really liked it. I’ve also read the second compendium which is 1,068 pages.





2. The Collected Poems of Federico Garcia Lorca- 960 pages. This is a complete collection of Mr. Garcia Lorcas work. He is considered one of Spain’s greatest poets. I am not a big poetry person. I read this for the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge last year and there was a lot that I didn’t really like. I’m sure the meanings were just lost on me and it probably is really great. There were a few I did like but for the most part, this just wasn’t for me.




3. Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer- 756 pages.  Breaking Dawn is the 4th and final book in the Twilight Saga. The series follows a girl named Bella and Edward, two star-crossed lovers who honestly probably shouldn’t be together. I read this in 2009 so my memory may be a little off, but I did like them.





4. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown – 736 pages. I love this series so much! It will always be special to me. I started reading these in 2009 and they are a big part of why I started reading again. These books follow Robert Langdon, a symbologist, trying to decipher an unknown symbol at a crime. (There is so much more to it than that but SPOILERS my dears). There is action, history, and mystery.




5. A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas- 699 pages.  ACOWAR is the third book in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. There’s not much I can say about this book without spoiling the rest of the books. Did I like it? Yes. Is it better than A Court of Mist and Fury (book 2)? Not to me. But I did really like it and I’m super anxious to see where the rest of the books are headed.


The two biggest books on my tbr are both classics. I have pretty much the same expectations for them, and that is to not like it. Most of the classics I have read I haven’t enjoyed so I’m always really nervous to start any others. Maybe this is why I haven’t read them yet.


Les Miserables by Victor Hugo – 1,563 pages

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy – 1,392 pages

And now for the tags: Anyone who wishes to do this tag please do! I would love to see the long books you’ve read and wow in your amazingness to get through them.

I also tag:


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Happy reading!

❤ Lorryn



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