A New Adventure Awaits for the Son of a Booklover

I know I talk about my 8 year old daughter who loves to read a lot because she’s super into books and we already have this connection over them. You may not know I also have a son who is 7. He “likes” to read but he’s not as crazy about it as we are.

-note to self: have son pick out a cool team name-

He’s been struggling lately with me being at work and I needed to find something for the two of us to help him feel better about me being gone. (I’ve always worked as much as I am, it’s not a new change so I’m still not sure why it’s bothering him lately.) But anyways, I thought maybe we could start a mom-son bookclub. Just the two of us. He was immediately super excited about the idea.

So our plan is to get two copies of whatever book he has chosen. (The only requirement is that it’s over 100 pages) We will each read 2 chapters a day and when I get home we can talk about what’s happened. He wanted to start with 2 chapters a day so he doesn’t get overwhelmed at the thought of reading more than that. I think once we get going and his reading and confidence increase he’ll be able to read more than that no problem. He has been wanting to read the larger kid/ middle-grade books but always gets so discouraged that they’re so big.

If you have any recs that a 7 (almost 8) year old boy might like please let me know. He’s into pretty much anything. Our first book is Spacejackers: The Lost Sword by Huw Powell.   He also has the next few picked out; Goosebumps, Big Nate, and Tyrannosaurus Ralph. He might have more but it was bedtime and I had to cut him short ☺️.

6 thoughts on “A New Adventure Awaits for the Son of a Booklover

    1. Girl tell me why they both wanted to do this and you know what happend… Nothing. They pick out a book to read and then never touch it. Lol


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