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This awesome book tag was created by The Bookish Pisces  I had tons of fun doing it and I hope you guys like it. You can find all the original deets on her post. =) There will be two parts to this! The first part will be a basic overview of the signs that you can do.

Water sign- A book that made you emotional: crookedkingdom

Earth sign- A book that brought you back to reality: 9361589.jpgPlease don’t ask why I just keeping thinking of that book when I read this question. I honestly don’t know why.

Fire sign- A book that made you angry while reading: 31076583.jpgI get angry when I read stuff I don’t like. That being said I haven’t finished ACOFAS yet becuase I’m a little irrated slightly angry and this point with it. I’m only a few chapters in and I swear all Feyre and Rhys can think about is the next time they’ll be able to bed eachother.

Air sign- A book that you felt smarter after reading: 6411961.jpg

Lilith Sign- A book with a villain that haunts your shelves: 23766634

Mars sign- A book that fulfilled your wants and needs:33918887

Mercury sign- A book that spoke to your soul:35297394

Venus sign- A character from a book that you would totally marry if given the chance:

I’ll take Cassian or Matthias thank you.

─── ・ 。゚☆: *. .* :☆゚. ───

The second part will be for each sign of the zodiac! You do not have to do both, it’s whatever floats your boat ✨

Aquarius- The most intelligent character you’ve come across:

Kady Grant from Illuminae.

Pisces- The most emotional character you’ve come across:

Elphaba. She tries not to be but she’s full of feelings.

Aries- A hot-headed character:

Kaz Brekker.

Taurus- A materialistic character:

Galinda with a Ga

Gemini- Best character duo you’ve come across:

One of my favorites is Corrine and Ava from Iron Cast.

Leo- A character that’s a huge show off:

*instert all Fae males*

Cancer- A character that’s underestimated:

Speaking of Fae. I think Carden is underestimated. I have a feeling he’s going to surpise us in The Wicked King.

Libra- A character that’s well balanced:

Shail FROM Twinkle with Love. I’d be proud to call him son.

Virgo- A character with a darkside:

Light Yagami

Sagittarius- A character with the most development:

I think Lula Mortiz has some pretty amazing development by the end of Bruja Born.

Capricorn- The most bossy character you’ve ever come across:

Kaz again.

Scorpio- A character with a lot of sex appeal:

Did I not mention Cassian already? The Fae of my dreams.
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