Manga Madness Round 3 TBR

I’ve really been trying to expand my reading. I want to read more of all types of books. So since I’ve been wanting to read more Manga I thought the Manga Madness Readathon was the perfect solution. This is hosted by Drink Coffee Read Books Manga Madness Readathon Twitter both links have more information on the readathon. The readathon takes place August 10th- August 18th!

There are 3 options with how you can participate.

  1. Read what you want
  2. Use the Bingo board
  3. Stick to one series

I love bingo board challenges so that is obviously what I’m doing. Which made it so much harder.


This is my tbr for the bingo. There is an extra book in here. I honestly don’t remember how it got included or which one is actually the extra but oh well. The order of my tbr does not match the bingo sheet just FYI. Hopefully my library pulls through and can get all the ones they didn’t already have. They have a pretty good track record so we’ll see.

I’d love to see your tbr if you sign up too!



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