August Wrap Up


The air is getting a slight crisp to it and I’m so excited for Fall y’all. It’s the best time of the year. I’m probably just going to keep saying that. Do you ever have those months were you feel like you’ve done nothing but in reality you’ve done a lot? That’s how August has treated me.

Life wise my husband and I are close to finishing our first go at a workout programming. We’ve got about two weeks left and than we are starting it all over again. My oldest just turned 9 on the 29th and has started dance classes. She makes me the most emotional. She’s growing up so fast and honestly I am not prepared (we never are, am I right). Currently she is in love with Ballet and one of her goals is to learn Newsies choreography.

Yep this Newsies. (Shoutout to Racetrack he’s my favorite)

She is determined to learn everything she can. This is her first year you guys and has literally never danced before so she’s a ways away from this but the fire and passion in her makes me want to cry it’s amazing. Can you tell I like to gush about her? 💛

Plus all three of the kids are doing great in school and kicking their reading challenge goals. I finally figured out what to get my 8 year old to read. Comics! I feel like that’s an obvious choice but I swear we tried before and he wasn’t feeling it.

Anywho back to books which is why you’re here in the first place.

I read a total of 54 books. I DNF 1, which isn’t that bad. The majority of my books were children’s books, 41 to be exact. I read 9 manga and 5 graphic novels. There was 1 YA book and 1 adult book.

My goodreads goal is 150 and right now I’m at 139. I’m super stoked about that even though I feel like I’m cheating since there have been a lot of kids books this year. I wanted to read 40,000 pages and right now I’m at 20,155. Half way there.

*Summer Book Bingo*

*top 5 books from August*

*a to z reading challenge*


How was your August?




5 thoughts on “August Wrap Up

  1. My August, not that exciting.

    But finished my classic I started in May: Nicholas Nickleby.

    After I put down that book, fully committed to writing my children’s fantasy.

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