TBR Cut Down


So I started the day Friday by thinking about my goodreads TBR and how it’s gotten out of control. I know it’s just going to keep growing but I had to do something. I started out with 1,743 books.

I tried to think of an easy way for me to eliminate some quickly to get the ball rolling. The first to go were the classics that I know I want to read but lets be honest it ain’t happening (I’m looking at you Les Misérables). Then I went through each of the genre shelves I have contemporary, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, mystery & thriller, children & middle grade, graphic novels, manga, and non-fiction. While doing that I looked for any books I didn’t remember adding, and anything with a super low rating (surprisingly not that many). After that it was the books that I’ve had on there the longest that I knew I wouldn’t touch and the ones that I just aren’t a priority to me. Oh, I also like to make sure that I only have the book I’m on in a series listed. The fantasy was the hardest to go through since it’s my favorite genre.



I have managed to get my tbr down to 1,491. I can’t believe there’s still so many. If you have any tips and tricks on how you keep yours small please let me know below!



9 thoughts on “TBR Cut Down

  1. I don’t have a large TBR list at all. I only have 8 classics in my house that I still have not read. Currently in the middle of one fantasy. Have another standalone book. Those are the books I have that still have to be read. Each time I am at the bookstore, don’t try to buy another book each time

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