Year of the Asian Sign Up and TBR

I knew the moment I saw this challenge I was going to participate and in typical Me fashion I have procrastinated in writing my sign up post for 0 reason. But fear not here I go down a incredibly long tbr to give you some Asian books that I will hopefully one day read (hopefully this year).

This challenge is hosted by Shut Up Shealea, CW @ The Quiet Pond, Lily @ Sprinkles of Dreams, and Vicky Who Reads. 

You can read as much as you want and you have all year to do it. All that matters is the books are by Asian authors. I am going to start off safe and go for level 1 the Philippine tarsier which is 1 – 10 books. I have way more than 10 on my tbr but that just gives me more to choose from right.

Green and blue award badge with a brown Phillipines Tarsier in the center, and with one gold star above the award.

All graphics were made by CW.

Here is my tentative tbr:

I also made a goodreads shelf with all of the books on my tbr with Asian authors here. I know that shelf is going to grow before we reach June.

If you are participating I’d love to see your tbr!


5 thoughts on “Year of the Asian Sign Up and TBR

  1. Lorryn! Thank you so much for joining me and others in reading more Asian lit this year! Absolutely love your tentative TBR; I especially recommend DARIUS THE GREAT IS NOT OKAY, THE WEIGHT OF OUR SKY, and THE POPPY WAR, all of which are spectacular books. 💛
    Good luck with the challenge and I hope you have fun!

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