May the Readathons Be With You

It’s no surprise but I’ve been in a horrible slump all year so far and May is going to be that month that changes it. I very rash and crazy like have signed up for 4 readathons in May.

Image result for LONG LIST GIF

There is the Sailormoon-athon, Asian Readathon, Panel-athon, and the Bookemon Badgeathon. I tried my best to cross my tbrs so that they kind of count towards each other but wasn’t always successful. I also have my Lit Coven books to read in May as well. Being in a bookclub is hard when you’re overwhelmed and in a slump and I really miss reading with them.

Big high-five to myself because almost everything can count towards my year long reading challenges as well. Year of the Asian, Library Love, Beat the Backlist and maybe Dancing with Fantasy/Sci-Fi (I haven’t looked at my tbr for that to find out yet).

Sailor Moon A Thon

Asian Readathon

Bookemon Badgeathon

  • Dates: All month for badges / May 3rd-17th for stardust points
  • Twitter
  • Hosted by megunthankart
  • Team Instinct


Lit Coven

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