Summer Mayhem: Hiatus, Life and Book Club

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I had an unplanned hiatus during May. Things got a little nuts. June is half way over and I can’t wait for it to be behind me. It’s been an incredibly busy last few months and July should be calmer. Hopefully I’ll get back to posting regularly within the next few weeks. Here’s a small run down of life since I last posted.

I’ve been working extra hours at work, husband has started playing baseball on weekends, and oldest is getting ready for her first recital. The kids are on summer break except for my youngest, she’s doing summer school. Everyone has signed up for summer reading at the library (thinking of making a post about that maybe). I’ll be doing a wrap up at the end of June to cover the last few months of books since I’m actually reading for once.

The biggest thing I want to share with you all is my new book club. Along with my best friend Bookish Pisces we have started a new book club called Pages and Prose (I will not get into what happened with our old one but Bee made a video about it all if you care). Back to Pages and Prose we are just a group on twitter and discord for adults both readers and writers to support and read with each other. I have to mention that every one of these graphics were made by Bee. They are a goddess and I don’t know what I would without them.

We are so excited to go on this adventure with everyone and it’s already been such an amazing experience. July is our first full month and I am so anxious to see how it goes.

Here’s a look at what we have planned for the rest of the year.

I also just started a new bookstagram if you want to follow me there. My goal is to get back into the swing of book life full force before summer ends. Since I’ve been so absent lately I’d love to see what you guys have been up to so fill free to drop me a link to a blog post you’d like to get more love and maybe let me know the last 4 star book you read.

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