FuckaThon TBR

The Fuckathon is “a month-long readathon in July for all the fucks we give, the fucks we don’t, and the shit for which we’re fresh out of fucks.” This readathon is hosted by Noria you can find her here twitter, youtube, and fuckathon twitter.

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Here are the Fuckathon Prompts:

  • Fuck Racism – a book that explores race relations
  • Fuck the Patriarchy – a book that challenges the patriarchy
  • Fuck Ageism – a book with an older main character
  • Fuck Heteronormativity – a book that is Queer AS FUCK.
  • Fuck Realism – a fantasy book
  • Fuck Pollution – a book that deals with climate change or pollution
  • Fuck Abuse – a book that deals with any type of abuse
  • Fuck Classism – a book that deals with class stratification
  • Fuck Ableism – a book featuring a main character with a disability
  • *Read the Group Book – Sister Outsider: Essays & Speeches by Audre Lord
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  • Fuck Racism/Classism – On The Come Up
  • Fuck Patriarchy – Dear Ijeawele or a Feminist Manifesto
  • Fuck Ageism – Still Alice
  • Fuck Heteronormativity- I Wish You All The Best
  • Fuck Realism – The Diviners
  • Fuck Pollution – Six Degrees Our Future on a Hotter Planet
  • Fuck Abuse – Sold
  • Fuck Ableism – The Storm Runner
  • Group Read – Sister Outsider

Are you joining? I’d love to see your tbr!

5 thoughts on “FuckaThon TBR

  1. This look SO good, unfortunately I have WAY too much on my plate to take part but I’m definitely going to be checking out some of the books you’ve mentioned! xo

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