Manga Madness Readathon TBR aka I Try to Read all of Death Note in a week

It’s MANGA MADNESS READATHON TIME!! This is one of my favorite readathons. I’m new to manga and this has helped me find so many new ones. This time it takes place August 3rd – 11th. You can find all the info on drinkcoffeereadbooks’s blog, there is also a twitter. I always go for the bingo board. Bingo readathons are some of my favorite to do. I’m super excited for my tbr.

  • An award winning manga: ONE PUNCH MAN VOL 1
  • A manga about food, music or art: YAKITATE JAPAN VOL 1
  • Non human MC: PARASYTE VOL 1
  • Drama, action or adventure: AKAME GA KILL VOL 1
  • Fantasy or paranormal: YONA OF THE DAWN VOL 3
  • Mystery, thriller or psychological: DEATH NOTE VOL 4
  • Horror, demons, or vampires: TOKYO GHOUL VOL 2
  • Read the first work by your favorite artist: MASTER KEATON VOL 1
  • Character is transported to another world: PANDORA HEARTS VOL 1
  • Manga that takes place outside of Japan but in the real world: MAGI LABYRINTH OF MAGIC VOL 1
  • Centered around folklore/mythology: FRUIT BASKET VOL 1
  • Animal companion: SAILOR MOON VOL 2
  • Free choice: MONSTER VOL 6
  • Angels: BERSERKER VOL 1
  • MC who transforms: SAILOR MOON VOL 3
  • One word title: XXXHOLIC VOL 1
  • Name in the title: YONA OF THE DAWN VOL 5
  • Two installments from the same series: DEATH NOTE VOLS 5 & 6
  • You’ve been meaning to read: DEATH NOTE VOL 7
  • Adapted to live action: DEATH NOTE VOL 8
  • Adapted to anime or video game: DEATH NOTE VOL 10
  • Has not been adapted: FRANKEN FRAN VOL 1

This shouldn’t be too hard but lately reading is hard for me. I won’t accept that I’m in the slump but I’m in a slump. August will be the change of that or that’s one of my goals. I also want to blog more. I’ve been not great at that too.

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