July Wrap Up

The best thing about July book wise was reading Monday’s Not Coming! Let me tell ya’ll, if you want a book that is going to destroy you and make you ugly cry this is it. I posted a review here if you want to check it out. July was mostly a hot mess and while I did like most of what I read, I did DNF Bloody Cross Vol 1. Blogging wise I wanted to start doing weekly wrap ups and that failed. So maybe August will be doable. I had 8 total blog posts for July so I’m making my August goal to have at least 15. I’d like to have a little more than that but baby steps.

Here are the books I read:

Beat the Backlist current total – 45

I’m horribly behind in my Pages and Prose readings but I’m going to try and get to them in August if I can work a miracle.

Fuckathon wrap up – I only read two books (neither were on my tbr) and they were both for Fuck Abuse, Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D Jackson and No Exit by Taylor Adams.

Reading Rush wrap up – I finished No Exit.

Between bookclubs, readathons and buddy reads I am going to try my hardest to be better in August.

What was your favorite book from July?

3 thoughts on “July Wrap Up

  1. I’m very interested in No Exit because it’s about a girl who gets kidnapped if I remember correctly? I heard that it’s an atmospheric survival-story which sounds quiet like something I’d enjoy. Also, I would love to read Yona of the Dawn sometime! The anime is supposed to be very good and I heard that the manga just makes the world and story so much bigger and better?? PS: I really want to get into Manga reading more. Do you have any recommendations? Happy reading for August! c:

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    1. My favorites so far have been Yona of the Dawn, Ancient Magus’ Bride, Monster, My Brother’s Husband, Gunslinger Girl, Tokyo Ghoul, and Death Note.


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