Manga Madness Wrap Up

The week is over and so is Manga Madness. If you missed my original post you can find it here and here is Jade’s wrap up post (They are awesome for hosting this so make sure you check them out).

Here’s what I read:

  • Fantasy or paranormal: YONA OF THE DAWN VOL 3
  • Mystery, thriller or psychological: DEATH NOTE VOL 4
  • Horror, demons, or vampires: TOKYO GHOUL VOL 2
  • Two installments from the same series: DEATH NOTE VOLS 5 & 6 (I finished Vol 5 but NOT Vol 6 I’m about half way)
  • Black Torch Vol 1

I’m going to try and read everything I didn’t get for this by the end of the month. There is a lot my library doesn’t have so I’ll have to wait on those maybe a few months, if they can get them.

Did you participate? How did you do?

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