Library Haul

Happy September! My tbrs are basically whatever I check out from the library and that changes all the time. Mood reading is a curse I swear. But right now I have a ton of books checked out and most of them are apart of the tbrs for the readathons I’m planning on doing this month but most of them are just books I want to read soonish. I’m very lucky and am able to take out way too many books from the library so this is A LOT of books. I will probably not get to all of them before they are due, that literally never stops happening. Hopefully a slump doesn’t hit me at any point of September. But anyways here’s the damage.

I warned you. It’s a mess. If anyone is ever interested in library hauls for my kids let me know. There are 3 of them though and if you think I’m bad they are just as bad if not worse.

I’m planning on reading Gods of Jade and Shadow first but what else should I put at the top?

3 thoughts on “Library Haul

  1. WOW you’ve got a lot of awesome options there! 😀 I’m also a library user and checking out tons of books is kinda my modus operandi as well. I really loved I Wish You All the Best, Wilder Girls, Beloved, and The Diviners, so those are the ones I recommend prioritizing! 😉

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  2. I love it!!! I would also totally love to see your kids’ library hauls. Queenie just may wreck you like Monday’s Not Coming so definitely push that to the top. Let me know if you want TWs

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