Skins-a-thon Announcement

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A very good friend of mine Whitney at BooksWhitMe is hosting her first readathon on one of her favorite shows Skins UK. Naturally I had to do it because the 1. I love Whit, 2. The prompts are amazing and 3. I’m addicted to readathons (we have a support group, it’s called book blogging). I am actually very excited to say that I will also be co-hosting. Oh by the way I’m hosting Generation 3.

There are three teams one for each generation. You do not have to know anything about Skins to participate because I have never seen it. The readathon will take place the ENTIRE month of November. Each generation has 9 character based prompts that you are able to complete to earn points for your team. You can complete your team’s prompts or any other teams’ prompts for bonus points towards your team’s overall scores.

All prompts and challenges, whether they belong to your team or another, are completely optional and can be completed in any order that you like. The challenges are extra ways to earn even more points for your team. All prompts are combinable, which means that you can use one book to fill as many books as possible if you like or you can pick one book per prompt.

There will be a spreadsheet for you to keep track of everything from your pages to the challenges you finish.

The winning generation will be determined by averaging out each team’s points.

Here are some of the important links

Here are the prompts!

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Tony: Read a book with a manipulative character(s)
Michelle: Read a book that’s been on your TBR for forever
Sid: Re-read an old faithful
Cassie: Read a hard hitting or controversial contemporary book
Chris: Read a book w/ a party animal character or atmosphere
Jal: Read a book w/ a musical or drama related attribute
Maxxie: Read a book focused on Queer characters
Anwar: Read a book written by a POC
Angie: Read a historical fiction book

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Effy: Read a book w/ a rebellious main character
Pandora: Read a middle grade book
Thomas: Read a book set in a country other than your own
Cook: Read a book with the “bad boy” trope
Freddie: Read a YA romance
JJ: Read a book focused on a differently-abled character (autistic, mental health, chronic illness, etc.)
Naomi: Read a book w/ a strong female main character
Katie: Read a book w/ a sibling or twin dynamic
Emily: Read a book that deals w/ discovering sexuality or a sexual awakening

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Franky: Read a book w/ an unhealthy relationship (romantic, familial, or platonic)
Alo: Read a comedy
Rich: Read a book/genre that is out of the norm or out of your comfort zone
Mini: Read a book w/ a gorgeous cover
Liv: Read a book that deals with addiction or other unhealthy behavior
Grace: Read a book w/ an “opposites attract” or hate to love trope
Nick: Read a sports romance or a sports based book
Matty: Read a fictional mystery or a true crime book
Alex: Read a new release (published or ARC) for 2019 or 2020


Fire: Read a book w/ a life changing scandal OR read a book w/ a character who faces a life changing decision
Pure: Read a book w/ a character who takes on too much responsibility OR read a book w/ a character who decides to follow their dreams
Rise: Read a book w/ a satisfying redemption arc OR read a book with a villain who becomes a hero or an anti-hero
Actions prompts TBA later

I hope you guys join us! I’ll have a tbr posted for this later on as well as some other readathons I’m doing in November.

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