BOYBAND-a-Thon Announcement

I am here this lovely day to announce a project I’ve been working on with Whitney (lifeWhitme), Val (JBreatheNBooks), and Shantall(Shantallandbooks)… The Boyband-athon. Yep you read that right. A readathon inspired by our love of music and boy bands.

It is time for Backstreet Boys Vs *NSYNC. We are taking two of the most beloved boybands and pitting them against each other to see which one is finally the group to beat. This is a month long readathon for January 2020. There are two teams obviously. You can choose which ever team your 90s heart desires. The team with the most pages read at the end of the month wins bragging rights. Myself and Shantall are the team leaders for Team *NSYNC and Val and Whitney are in charge over on Team Backstreet Boys.

We have 10 prompts for each team all based off of some of their hit songs. Prompts are not required just some fun to through in. They do offer extra points for each prompt completed. Each prompt is worth 5 points except one prompt on each team is worth 10. The Backstreet Larger Than Life prompt is worth 10 points and the *NSYNC LGBTQIA+ prompt is worth 10. You can keep track of everything with our spreadsheet. We are on the honor system here folks. Keep it classy. The spreadsheet will total everything for you. Oh, and it’s one book per prompt. No doubling up.

I’ll have a post for you in the next few days full of recommendations we put together for each prompt. We found a good chunk books that fit multiple prompts in case anyone needed ideas. We’re not super strict about books fitting with prompts either. Some times these things need our own interpretation. TBRS are also NOT required but if you make one be sure to tag us, we’d love to see it.

Here are the links to all things readathon related:

Sign-up sheet this sheet will automatically add you to the spreadsheet.




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Hosts information:

Lorryn – twitter

Shantall – twitter blog

Val – twitter IG

Whitney – twitter blog

I hope you join us. We have plans for some future rounds if this goes well. Till next time.

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