2020 Goals

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I know it gets said every year but I can’t believe 2020 is right around the corner. It feels like time moves faster the older you get and I am not ready for that in any way. The last decade has been fun but I am also excited to see what the new one will hold. By the end of the 20s my kids will be grownish and could possible be out of the house and that seems so far away and makes me a little sad to think about since it’s really not that far. It’s safe to say me and hubs are ready for some big life changes to come our way in the next few years most of which is moving. 2020 is going to be about growth.

Blog goals

  • at least 100 blog posts made
  • blog hop more frequently to support my book friends better
  • use my bookstagram more

Book goals

  • Read 200 books
  • Read at least 20 books for my Read Around the World challenge
  • Listen to at least 10 audio books
  • Read at least 25% of my kindle books and/or earcs
  • Read at least 40 of the books I already own.
  • Read more middle grade with and without my kids
  • Read all my books for the Pages and Prose Bookclub
  • stop checking out more books than i can read at one time ( not happening)
    • actually read during the readathons i sign up for

Life goals

  • Pay off two more credit cards
  • Move
  • Go on vacation
  • Get back to gym life

Wish me luck because I will probably need it. I feel like this isn’t a lot but it also seems daunting.

Till next time,