My Manga and Graphic Novels of 2019

I’m trying my best to blog more this month, can you tell? I’ve been so bad most of the year that I really want to leave 2019 and hopefully start 2020 strong. Now I know I still have a few weeks and I might squeeze in a few more comics or manga before the month is up which is the risk we all take with these posts but I wanted to share all the beautiful art that I’ve read this year.

Here are the manga. The only two of these I didn’t like was Master Keaton and Bloody Cross.

Each link takes you to volume one of the series.

These are the graphic novels/comics I read. I did not like Daredevil vs the Punisher, Shades of Magic or Mortal Instruments. I honestly thought there were more.

Do you read manga or graphic novels? What are some of your favorites?

Till next time,

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