I Tried Audiobooks in 2019 & Here’s What Happened

I’ve always wanted to listen to audiobooks but I just couldn’t stay focused and would have no idea what was going on. I managed to listen to 25 of them in my first year with some success. There are a few that I DNF listening to and I think I’m going to try reading the physical versions just in case it was the narrator or my mind set at the time. I really enjoy nonfiction in audio but for the most part when I try fiction I have a harder time paying attention. I definitely want to keep trying them out and finding what I like. I know I want to try Daisy Jones and the Six on audio since it has a full cast. I am still in awe of anyone who can listen to an audio book at max speed. I’m lucky if I can speed it up 2x. You guys are my heroes.

The books I DNF on audio

The books I liked on audio

If you listen to audiobooks, what have been some of your faves?

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10 thoughts on “I Tried Audiobooks in 2019 & Here’s What Happened

  1. I admire your persistence! I’m like you that I have trouble paying attention to audio versions of fiction. I tried once more time a few months ago but still couldn’t catch enough of the story that I would be able to review it.


  2. Ugggh I honestly adore you. This was really my first year that I decided to seriously tackle audiobooks too. When I tried years ago, I just couldn’t focus, but I’m glad I gave it another try. You already know I loved the Daisy and The Six audiobook. I really enjoyed the Sadie audiobook, but I had to return it so I haven’t finished it yet. I loved that it really sounded like a podcast. The Alpha & Omega series by Patricia Briggs has been really good to me on the audiobook front too. Other than those, Misery, This Will Only Hurt a Little, Poet X and The Chain were definitely some of my faves.

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    1. I adore you too!! I’ll have to try them. I’ve tried to do a couple fantasy ones but those have so much to them i get lost quickly. That’s what I liked about Sadie too and you are totally why I’m trying Daisy on audio v

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  3. I have sort of a love and hate relationships with audiobooks in general. When they are good I enjoy listening to them but when something start bugging me, I tend to distance myself away from them altogether. Sometimes it’s narrator being too dark or too theatrical, and now? I no longer listen to audiobooks haha.

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  4. I eased into audiobooks more or less and now I have a pretty good feel for what I will or won’t like. For example, I tend to not be able to really focus on fantasy books, unfortunately, as much as I would like to. For some reason though, sci-fi and mystery books I really enjoy. Same with non-fiction. I really like celebrity bios and memoirs where the celebs read them themselves. Lauren Graham’s book is really fun (from Gilmore Girls).

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