Start on Your Shelf a Thon TBR

graphic made by A Quiet Pond

A Quiet Pond is hosting Start On Your Shelfathon, a readathon to finally get some of those books that you own off of your tbr. I have really been needing to read some of the books on my shelves and this is the perfect to help me stay on track. The readathon takes place from December 2019 – December 2020. I am also using the amazing spreedsheet by Reader Voracious to help keep track of all my readings for next year.

As of now I have 33 books on my owned tbr. 18 are ebooks while 15 are physical. This is not counting my arcs. Would you count those for this? I really want to get a least one of my physical shelves done but I also feel like that’s asking to much of myself. I have way more than 30 books on my owned tbr but these are the ones I want to make a priority for the year.

I actually haven’t started yet. I wanted to give it a fresh start at the beginning of the year. Are you participating ? I’d love to see your tbrs!

Till next time,

5 thoughts on “Start on Your Shelf a Thon TBR

  1. best of luck! I know it’s all relative, but tbqh I’m a little jealous of your owned-TBR count – I have over 200 just on my priority list, though that does include ARCs (I’m counting them since they’re also books I own that I need to read soon).

    I listened to the On the Come Up audiobook earlier this year and really liked it! you’ve got some other awesome titles on here too 🤗

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    1. I love your spreadsheet so much. Thank you for making it. It’s so helpful. If I manage to stick to my tbr I’ll be surprised lol. I’m glad you like the Felicia Day gif. I was afraid it would go unappreciated.

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