My Current Library Haul

I’ve had all of these checked out since they library closed and I’ve been looking at the closure in a positive way. This is giving me more time to read them before I have to turn them back in. The down side is that I can’t check out more or return the ones that are finished but, are those really bad things?

There are a couple here that are actually checked out by my kids at the moment. We’re really good at taking each others holds and reading them. =) We have 3 bags currently of books that need to be returned between the 4 of us. And this doesn’t count any of the ebooks or audiobook I have checked out with Libby. I might deserve a prize if I can successfully read all of these before they have to be returned.

Till next time,

One thought on “My Current Library Haul

  1. Great Haul!!! I have Black Leopard Red Wolf checked out from my library too along with 19 other books 🙈 maxed out my library card just before lockdown 😂

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