Pop Culture Readathon

I know every month I saw I’m going to blog again and then every month I don’t. It’s nothing personal I guess I’m just a mood blogger like I am a mood reader. Basically I’m never in the mood to actually sit here and do things let alone read most of the time. It’s a problem. But July has me all types of excited and hopefully I will actually follow through.

One of my very good friends Whitney over at BooksWhitMe and I are hosting a month long readathon called PopCReadathon (it’s all Whitney’s brain child. She deserves all the credit). It’s full of 90s movie nostalgia, bingo boards and is very laid back. It’s going to be a good time. There are 4 bingo boards to choose from or you can do them all. Naturally I’m overdoing it and made a tbr for the entire thing. You can find the PopCReadathon on twitter and discord we’d love to have you. There’s no sign up sheet or anything. All you have to do to participate is to declare your intentions and read away.

Here are the prompts.

And here is my outrageous tbr. This doesn’t even count the other books I’d like to get to but hopefully I’ll at least get to some of these. Most of them count for a prompt on each board which should make it a little easier to get multiple bingos. Clap When You Land is also one of our bookclub reads over at Pages and Prose and I’m honestly ready to start today. I’m so excited for most of these books I’ve had a hard time refraining from reading them before July.

I hope ya’ll join us and have fun going down memory lane (for most of us). My kids are doing the readathon too and hopefully I’ll have their tbrs all figured out soon too. I’ve only got one kid left to do and his is the hardest. He’s just too picky.

Till next time,

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