PopCReadathon Wrap Up

I’m a little late with my wrap up for the PopCReadathon but motivation I don’t know her. If you don’t know what the PopCReadathon is you can check out my original post or head over to our twitter. We’re getting ready to host a mini round in September. July was a decent book month for me and I’m saying it was all because of this readathon. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to keep the rounds coming.

Here are the original bingo boards. My goal was to black them all out and that sadly did not happen. I did get a few bingos though.

Here are my bingos. The only board I didn’t get a bingo on was Thrill Ride and I managed to get 2 for the Adult Table.

Now for my books. One of the good things about the readathon was that one book could count for one prompt on each board. It made getting bingo a little easier.

It wasn’t the tbr I planned but it was still good because I enjoyed these so much. Twilight was a reread for me which just made me cringe the entire time, it’s a mess but a mess we all love. I can’t wait to make my tbr for the mini round coming up. I’ll make sure to post more about that when we have it all sorted out.

What readathons are you doing in September?

Till next time,

One thought on “PopCReadathon Wrap Up

  1. I just read Clap When You Land and I absolutely loved it. Such an intense and very powerful read. I listened to it on audiobook and at the end Elizabeth explained more about why she wrote the story and it was so interesting to hear. Such a good one. Hope you enjoyed it too!

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