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There is no denying that Pages and Prose and everyone in it is very important to me. I thought it would be fun to make a book tag that was inspired by it. If you happen to not know what Pages and Prose is, it is the love child of Bee at Bee But Bookish and myself. It is an 21+ bookclub that reads diverse YA, NA & Adult books of all genres. We can be found on IG, Twitter, and discord.

The questions / prompts :

A book with the found family trope – This is honestly one of my favorite tropes. Found families always gives me the warm and fuzzy feels and I love it. Of course I’m using Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cory McCarthy. I will never shut up about this book.

A book by a diverse author – We need to actively be working on reading more diversely, the world is not made up of only straight white people and your shelves shouldn’t be either, that includes the authors writing the stories not just the characters inside them. Stephen Graham Jones is the author of one of my more recent of my reads that fits this. Make sure you check out the TW for The Only Good Indians before reading we want you to read but be safe about it.

A book with an unreliable narrator – Monday’s Not Coming absolutely destroyed me and if you read this just be prepared and make sure you look into the TW for this because it is HEAVY!

A book that has different povs – I finished this last week and let me say you should read it. If you like full cast audios I loved listening to it. There There follows twelve characters from Native communities: all traveling to the Big Oakland Powwow, all connected to one another in ways they may not yet realize.  TW’s might be needed for this book too so check those out at your discretion.

A book featuring a long distance relationship/friendship – Bloom has a little bit of both. There’s a long distance relationship and some friendships that end up with some distance between them. It’s super cute and the perfect fluff to distract you.

A book with supportive friends/family – Office Hours has the one of the best group of supportive friends. You know what else it has…. The best book boyfriend ever and it’s full of glorious smut. Trust me read it and everything else Katrina Jackson writes.

A book with a villain origin story – Not gonna lie I went into this solely because I saw the art and feel in love but the story did not disappoint either. Harley is probably tied with Ivy for my favorite DC people and was just want I wanted.

A book that’s full of diverse characters – Everything that Destiny Soria writes I love. Frankly, she does not get the recognition she deserves so maybe check her out. And maybe it’s because I’ve managed to buddy read these both with my best friend unplanned but they will be special to me forever.

A book that makes you feel safe / a comfort read – I still can’t put into words why I feel the things I do for this book. There is something in it that just connects with me and I will forever be grateful for this book.

A book that was out of your comfort zone – I don’t read a lot of horror but with everyone loving this within Pages and Prose I had to give it a try. I trust the recommendations I get from members of Pages and Prose and they were totally right about this one.

If you decide to do the tag please tag us in it. We would love to see it.

❤ Lorryn

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