February Wrap Up

Happy March! This year is already speeding by. I read a total of 50 books and a huge part of that is because of my kids and Waywardathon. Generally speaking I really enjoyed most of these too. My average rating for the month was 3.79 and had a total of 8,389 pages. I’m thinking of doing a wrap up monthly for what the kids read but I don’t know if anyone is interested in that. What do you guys think? They’ve been reading an crazy amount lately. Here are my books for February.

I read 26 graphic novels and manga.

I read a total of 10 novels. Everything but Night Crossing was an audiobook.

And 14 picture books.

Waywardathon wrap up: I was one prompt short from blacking out the bingo board. But I had tons of fun and can’t wait for round 2.

What was your favorite book from February? I don’t know which is my favorite but it’s between How to Catch a Queen, Duke by Default, and Undercover Bromance.

❤ Lorryn

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