Mid Year Wrap Up Graphic Novels & Comics 2021

My kids are totally the reason I have read so many graphic novels and comics. As you can see most of these are children/middle grade. They love when I read the same stuff as them so when graphic novels are probably they’re favorite form of books I am bound to have a ton too.

Check Please, Low Low Woods, House of Whispers, Sports is Hell and Juliet Takes a Breath are the only ones they didn’t read (I don’t remember if they read Locke & Key). Banned Bookclub and Something is Killing the Children are probably the favorites of this group.

I would say the 5 Worlds books and the Creature Seeker ones are the favorites out for this group. Overall between the 80 we all enjoyed all of them. There is 5 of us ages 32,11,10 and 9 so it is a range of opinions. We have a lot still checked out plus a lot more we want to eventually check out too.

What are some of your favorite graphic novels/comics?

❤ Lorryn

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