PopC Readathon 2000’s Edition

Whitney and I are back with the next round of the Pop Culture Readathon. We are taking it back to the 2000’s this time around and the nostalgia is already so much fun. You can find us on IG, Twitter, and Discord. You can join any time as long as it’s still July and all book types count as long as it was read in July.

The readathon takes place all of July starting and ending in your time zones from the 1st-31st. You can double up books/prompts and do as many or as little bingo boards as you want. The entire point is to have fun and hopefully read some books while we nerd out over some of our favorite movies.

Here is our Adult Agenda board. Whitney is amazing and made multiple boards for each genre of movie to make it as accessible and easy to use as possible.

The Thrill Seeker boards

The Teenage Dreams boards

The Family Reunion boards

We hope to see you there!

❤ Lorryn

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