Mid Year Wrap Up Manga 2021

Manga is actually the one thing so far that I haven’t read as much of as I want too. I’ve only read 3 so far and while both Orange volumes and Hellsing are large and omnibus editions I still haven’t made a dent in all that I have planned for this year. Maybe I’ll make a month long manga challenge and see what I can get done soonish. The amount of reading challenges I want to do this year is astronomical and there is only so much time. Manga is also something I read a lot with the kids. They loved Orange and are also reading A Silent Voice and Ghostly Things. My son has just finished reading all of the Dragon Ball Z books twice and is working on Dragon Ball Super. The library doesn’t have any copies of Dragon Ball so he had to skip those.

Do you have any favorite manga? I’d love more standalones if anyone has any recs. Everything is huge series and it’s overwhelming sometimes.

❤ Lorryn

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