A Glimpse at my Story Graph Reading Challenges

I am slightly maybe completely obsessed with Story Graph and the reading challenges you can join and make. I am always joining and making new ones so this list will probably be a lot different in a few months. There’s another author challenge I’ve been meaning to make and who knows what other ideas will strike. I love that you can see what other people have added to the prompts for more tbr options and it’s such a simple and easy platform to use.

This group has no start or end date which are my favorite. I love having the time to work on multiple challenges and not trying to rush.

These are the author specific challenges. Reading the backlist for Kazuo Ishiguro, Octavia Butler, Stephen Graham Jones, Christina C. Jones, Katrina Jackson and Stephen King. I am planning on making one for Louise Erdrich too.

Horror books, reading at least one book from every country, reading a book for every dewey decimal number, reading the goosebumps books and fear street, USA today made an article of 100 Black authors everyone should read, and reading more romance.

These are book clubs and award lists. The Shaded Choice awards, International Booker Prize, and Bram Stoker awards. The Pages and Prose backlist and current tbr and the bookclub picks for BookofCinz’s Read Caribbean.

This group all started in January and end at the end of the year. It’s a big mix of genres, geographic, awards, and tbrs.

I have two that are July only so far Fuckathon and PopC Readathon.

I’ve also finished 3 this year. A Hamilton reading challenge, genre challenge, and the Native Lit Challenge.

Is this excessive?? YES I am aware but it’s fun and doesn’t hurt anyone except my own self esteem when I don’t make progress fast enough for me. Do you do challenges?

❤ Lorryn

One thought on “A Glimpse at my Story Graph Reading Challenges

  1. WOW!! I had no idea there were this many lists on there! I’m a part of two, Backlist reading challenge and PopSugar!! I am behind on both. haha. I will have to look through them though for next year!

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