October Readathons

October is my favorite month for many reasons. My wedding anniversary is the 28th, it’s spooky season, the weather finally gets that chill and becomes all cozy to name a few but there is also the amount of readathons that take place. There has got to be a stat somewhere saying there are more readathons in October than any other month. I am planning on taking part in 5 which is probably too many readathons. My goal is to over lap as many books as I can for all of them which may or may not work but we shall see. Hopefully blogtober will be successful this year too but ya know who knows I tend to mood blog.


My partner in reading crime Whitney and I are back again with another readathon. It’s Britney Witch ( @ britneyspooks on twitter) is a spooky bingo board readathon based off of some of Britney’s top hits and some of our favorites.


Blackoween-athon is hosted by Loc’dBooktician . There are 7 prompts but the number 1 goal of this readathon is to read spooky vibes books by Black authors.

The prompts are

  1. Read a mystery
  2. Read a thriller
  3. Read a horror/crime
  4. Read a book pub in 1900s that fits one of the genres
  5. Read a book by an underrated author
  6. Read a book with LGBTQAI+ Rep
  7. Read a book with Caribbean and/or African Diaspora (Other than Black America) rep


Latinx Book Bingo is hosted by sofiainbookland and guerrerawr in celebration of Latinx Hertiage Month. The goal is to read books by Latinx authors for all the prompts. I know I know this has already started but guess who is behind in all the things? There is still time though so that’s what counts.


Black Brit-athon is hosted by heroinescorner . The only thing you have to do is read books by Black Brits during October that’s it.

LATINX-A-THON 10/6 – 10/15

Latinx-a-thon is just over a week long with 4 prompts and the main goal of reading books by Latinx authors. Hosted by bookcave_ alifebydreaming joceraptor bookiecharm booktubetash _myloveofbooks

The prompts are

  1. Read a short work (poetry, short stories, picture books)
  2. Read a spooky book
  3. Read something cozy
  4. Read something seasonal (cover, tone, vibes, etc)

I know I said it was a lot. If you’re looking for any readathons to do I hope you’ll join me. If you’re already doing some, which are you doing? Got any bookrecs for these? I’m always open for more books to add to my tbr.

❤ Lorryn

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