November Wrap Up

I still can’t believe it’s December already. I know we are all still trying to process the last few years and the fact that a new one is right around the corner, personally is kind of terrifying. Thankfully I’ve been drowning myself in books as much as possible.

November was another good month for me. Honestly 2021 bookwise has been great and probably one of the best of my adult life. I’m really hoping I can keep the quality of books I’ve been reading up next year too. Maybe I’m just better and knowing what I’ll like now.

Shoutout to Storygraph for making my graph obsessed self have easy access to details. Hopefully I’ll be better next year about the actual editions I read and will be able to use those charts too. I read a total of 33 books and DNF 2 books during November. My moods are always a combo of emotional, adventurous, lighthearted and dark.

Childrens and Fantasy are usually in my top genres too so that’s not surprising.

I did enjoy almost everything I read with my favorites being A Holly Jolly Diwali and Planet Omar.

What was your favorite book of November?

❤ Lo

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