December Readathons

Blogmas day 4 is all about my December readathons. I am only doing 3 this month and they are Hoeathon, Reindeer Readathon and End of Year-athon. Hoeathon and Reindeer readathon take place all month but Endofyearathon is from the 26th – 31st.

Hoeathon is the readathon to bring you Christmas happy endings (wink wink). They are on twitter and storygraph. I tried to make a tbr for this but I ended up adding over 30 holiday themed romances to my list on top of other stuff I want to read so we’re mostly winging it.

Reindeer Readathon is also on twitter. You can find all of the information there. I have no tbr for this and am just gonna see what happens. I’m on team mistletoe so hopefully i’ll be able to get the team some points.

And End of Yearathon is also on twitter. I’m really excited to see how many books I can squeeze in this month and hopefully knock some of the books off my year long challenges that will be carrying over into next year because I really want to finish them regardless of time.

What readathons are you doing this month?

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