End of Year Wrap Up Stats

This was going to be a wrap up for me and my kids but we’ve read a lot so this is going to be just a look at their stats before I make the dive into my books. 2021 was definitely the year the entire house (minus my husband) read the most we ever have and I couldn’t be prouder. They have found new favorites and explored new genres.

Macie’s reading stats. If you don’t know Macie is my youngest. She actually changed her goal to 300 half way through the year but I never updated it to reflect that on Storygraph. This year she is aiming for 400 as a challenge to earn a Kindle.

Wyatt’s reading stats. He’s the middle kid and the most reluctant of the three when it comes to reading and really enjoys graphic novels.

Mallorie is the oldest and by far the most avid reader. She has a big head about the fact she read more than me but she earned it.

I can’t wait to see what they accomplish this year. Would you be interested in seeing what their favorite books were?

❤ Lo

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