25 of My Favorite Picture Books from 2021

I read a huge amount of children’s books last year between picture books and graphic novels. My kids love when I read with them and it helped me a ton from slumping. Picture books are short, cute and were perfect to read for when I needed a break between either emotionally heavy books or ones that weren’t working for me. They’re just a ton of fun. I narrowed down my list to 25 of my favorite pictures books that we read during 2021. I, like many have seen the studies about the difference in publishing when it comes to books that center children of color compared to white children and animals and I’ve really been trying to be aware of what books we are checking out and reading and let me tell you that there are so many good books out there if you just take the time to decenter yourself from the focus of everything. We’re really big fans of nonfiction children’s books too.

If you have any recs for children’s books my kids thank you and I would love to check them out. If you are looking for any I would love to help and add more to our tbr while I’m at it. =)

❤ Lo

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