Top Ten Tuesday – Books with Clutch Covers 4/26/22

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by thatartsyreadergirl with a new topic every week. This week is “books with ___ on the cover” and I wanted to do books with characters embracing or clutching each other. These are always some of my favorite types of covers and I just wanted to appreciate them. I wanted to do just covers of books I’ve read but I’m still new to the romance game and don’t have that many to choose from so I added a few I haven’t and had to stop myself from posting more than 10.

Books I have read: A Lot Like Adios, You Had Me at Hola, A Duke by Default, Before the Dawn, and How to Catch a Queen. I’m fairly certain each one of those was a 5 star read for me if memory serves. The rest are on my tbr Breathless, A Prince on Paper, Hate to Want You, West Side Love Story and The Five Day Reunion.

See you next Tuesday.

❤ Lo

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